Bulk Text and Email Marketing

Mobile is where it is at these days and if you are not considering how to market to your consumer’s mobile devices, you are missing a huge opportunity. For example, 66% of website traffic over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend came through a mobile device (Source: Salmon). Many businesses use email marketing these days […]

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing

While hugely popular worldwide SMS Marketing is still only used by 39% of companies, giving you a massive opportunity to tap into the power of it as a marketing channel. Learn how to deliver value through text messaging It makes perfect sense that a brand would look for marketing channels to offer simple, fast engagement […]

Consumers Love Text, Yet Marketers are Slow to Adopt SMS Marketing. Are You?

Millions of us spend a lot of time texting on our phones. SMS and WhatsApp are the currently number 1 uses of our mobiles. So why aren’t you using SMS to reach your customers? SMS marketing is a no-brainer, but many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of it. According to Charles Golvin, research director, Gartner […]

SMS Marketing – Tips on How to Kick-Start a Winning Campaign

When it comes to SMS marketing, many business owners do not know how and from where to start. It is here that you need to be prudent and ask experts for their advice. Professionals who are well-versed in the field of SMS marketing say you should start with building your opt-in customer database Building your […]

Bulk Text Marketing for Sports and Leisure Centres

SMS text messaging is fast, easy to use, cost-effective and highly effective. 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Sending a Bulk Text to your customers is delivered in seconds. Drive Renewals Driving renewals works extremely well with text messages. Many sport centres use Bulk Text to send out renewal reminders […]

Researching Online SMS Tools

With the increasing popularity of SMS Marketing with business owners there has been a proliferation of Online SMS Tools coming online for marketers to choose from. The popularity of SMS Marketing has been driven by the ubiquity of SMS, the 98% read rates and the returns that businesses are gaining. As a provider of one […]

What is Bulk Text Messaging & How Does It Work?

Bulk Text Messaging is a popular marketing technique that uses short, concise text messages to let your customers know about offers, promotions and latest news and events. Its popularity grew with the rise of SMS worldwide and continues to be very popular as the SMS function is available on every mobile phone in the world. […]

How Group Texting for Business Works

Group Texting for business owners has been a staple part of millions of businesses worldwide. Business Owners quickly saw the value in the instant delivery of their messages and the 98% read rate. Basically if a business sends out a text message to its customers, it will be read. Furthermore group texting provides some of […]

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing is 10

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing is 10 years old and we are celebrating with a flash sale to all our customers. 10 years ago this month we registered the company and began developing the best darn SMS and Bulk Text Marketing solution on the internet. We released the software in March 2009 and started towards helping […]

Using SMS for MMS Marketing

A picture paints a thousand words. Sending an image or video can have an immediate impact and response from potential customers. Sendmode have developed a very simple way to send an MMS message using our SMS Marketing software. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way for users to send pictures and video over the […]