Researching Online SMS Tools

With the increasing popularity of SMS Marketing with business owners there has been a proliferation of Online SMS Tools coming online for marketers to choose from. The popularity of SMS Marketing has been driven by the ubiquity of SMS, the 98% read rates and the returns that businesses are gaining. As a provider of one an Online SMS Tool, we thought we’d put together a short blog on what you should look for when choosing your supplier. Obviously we hope it is us  but these points are valid worldwide will help you choose regardless of your location, and whether we serve that market or not.

Does the provider use Direct Routes?

SMS Marketing gives average response rates of between 10% and 30%. So the more messages delivered to your customers, the better for your business. Make sure the company you choose is using direct routes to the mobile operators. One way to check this quickly is the pricing.

Prices will be similar across all reputable companies.

Any company offering super low prices will tend to use unreliable and cheaper routes.

All reputable operators will be around the same price. Ensure your service provider uses direct connections to the mobile operators for faster delivery and real time delivery reporting.

Track Record

The industry has seen lots of fly-by-night companies over the years who provide a crap service at low prices and then fold overnight. Look for companies that have been around for 8-10 years and have good reviews with an independent review company.

Easy to Use, Mobile Friendly Online Service featured including Email2SMS, Image2SMS and Video2SMS

You will know the companies who invest more time and money in your experience with the software. These companies will have mobile friendly applications capable of running seamlessly on any device. They will also offer a number of extra features like email, image and video to SMS as part of their service.

One of the advantages of SMS Marketing is the time savings from designing and executing a marketing campaign in minutes. An easy to use service will ensure you can have your campaign sent out in a couple of minutes and start getting responses immediately.

Date Protection Regulations

Finally it is very important that your Online SMS Tool provider understands the Data Protection legislation in your jurisdiction. Our mobile phones are very personal to us and sending unsolicited SMS can be met with severe penalties. A good reputable provider will understand your responsibilities under Data Protection and the new law introduced on 25th May called GDPR. If you are interested we have a section on our website devoted to all things GDPR.

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