bulk text messaging for small business

Bulk Text Messaging for Business

Marketing can be frustrating for business owners, many of us are experts in our own fields but we do not have marketing experience. We need a reliable and effective way to get our message out and have confidence that the message is hitting home. This is where Bulk Text Messaging comes in. There are a number of reasons why it is so popular worldwide as a marketing tool for small business.

All phones have SMS

SMS is available on everyone’s mobile phones so you have 100% coverage with your audience. While newer messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber etc are extremely popular for person to person texting, SMS remains the channel of choice for business to person.

Open Rates Are Superb

Comparing Bulk Text Messaging open rates to those of other channels like email marketing lends support to SMS as a marketing tool. Over 98% of SMS Text Messages are opened whereas only 12% of email messages are opened.

Time Savings

One of the often overlooked strengths of bulk text messaging is how much time if saves. Designing, drafting and sending emails can take hours while designing and printing flyers or newpaper ads can take days. An SMS can be created, sent and delivered in 5-10 minutes. The nature of texting also forces us to be clear and succinct with our marketing message.

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Sendmode Bulk Text Messaging for business

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