Creating Bulk Text in a More Meaningful Way

Perhaps no medium gives a greater opportunity to communicate on a personal level than bulk text. It’s probably the most personal type of conversation you can have with a consumer via mobile. Text is the most widely and frequently used capability of a smartphone, for both personal and business communication needs, and SMS today is used the way consumers used email about 10 years ago: personal conversations.

Customers who opt-in to mobile messages are highly involved, and the ability to engage with a business through SMS makes brands more “accessible” to consumers.

Consumers are much more likely to read a message sooner if it’s an SMS than if it’s an email. Moreover, due to its highly personalized approach to customer engagement, SMS produces significantly higher engagement rates than email, with average click-through rates for URLs in text messages surpassing industry estimates for email.

We’ve all heard the misconception that communicating over text decreases the personal touch. But, quite to the contrary, it’s actually an effective, engaging way to connect when you’re in the palm of someone’s hand.

It allows for extreme personalization of experience, and an unprecedented level of context so you never have to explain your predicament twice. And context is exactly what makes a human-to-human conversation so captivating.

Mobile consumers demand convenience and access to information. After all, consumers engaging on mobile are welcoming brands into the same space they share with friends and family. So, it’s crucial that brands add value.

Below are tips to message your way to a more meaningful consumer connection:

1. Don’t Waste People’s Time

Most people appreciate it when you value their time. What’s important to cover is how you can help them. Be genuine about delivering value and cut to the chase.

2. Show Emotion

Consumers want more than short answers and quick fixes to their problem. They want a meaningful connection. With messaging, brands can act quickly with empathy, warmth, and patience.

3. Use Real-Talk

Consumers want to feel they’re in friendly, empathetic hands. Conveying a deep understanding of the situation keeps consumers content. But tapping into consumers’ emotions must be done with the right balance of warm and positive language while not losing sight of the “why” behind each issue.

Be sure you aren’t using jargon, speak to your customer in a way that you would speak to them in real life.
When consumers know they’re communicating with a real, live person who takes their concerns to heart, it’s a better overall experience, one that will last.

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Businesses that are using SMS correctly are reaping the benefits it has to offer, from better customer engagement to increased conversion rates. SMS has transformed the brand-to-consumer relationship. It’s essentially giving the customer what they want in a more efficient way, with the right balance of convenience, context, and personalization. Because of opt-in, SMS connects brands with the right customers whenever and wherever it is convenient.

If you have any questions or would like information on getting started with Bulk SMS for your business please get in touch.

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