The Future of B2B Marketing

This blog is based on a great presentation by Jon Lombardo, Global Brand Strategy lead at LinkedIn. It is about the idea that originality can be a delusion, especially for B2B Marketing. He argues that marketers are obsessed with promoting newness, but customers want relevance and familiarity. He also shows how brand awareness supports direct response campaigns – “synchronize brand and demand to optimize performance”.

Benefits of a Personalisation

Do you find it helpful when Netflix recommends new TV shows or Movies to watch based on your previous choices? What about when Amazon recommends some new books based on your last purchase? Whether we realize it or not, the best companies in the world know a LOT about their customers and use this information to present offers and promotions that are most relevant to them.

For the SME in a brick and mortar retail outlet, this can seem like an impossible task. However getting any information about your customers’ preferences can help you serve them better over the longer term. Your customer likes a certain cut of steak? Give him a good offer with that cut of steak.

About Sendmode

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