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Community Text Alert Groups

Coming into the winter months and with the shorter darker days, we get a lot of enquiries from Community Text Alert groups about using our text messaging service. With the SMS feature being available on every mobile phone, SMS text messaging is the channel most Community Text Alert groups will use to contact members, especially the older members of the community.

SMS is super reliable and with 98% of text messages read, the community text alert group is sure that their information will be safely delivered and read by their members.

In 2012 we were first approached about developing a product for Community Text Alert groups and with the help of community group members we designed and developed a solution which is tailored to the needs to Community Groups.

The product was released in 2013 and we are proud to say we are serving more than 150 Community Text Alerts groups today. Community Text Alert Groups are generally seen as being used by rural groups only; however there are as many groups from urban areas using our Community Text Alert service as from rural groups.

The important thing is that the whole community is informed quickly and reliably. The content of the messages can be about anything of interest to the community and range from news about upcoming events to security tips and notices about suspicious activity in the area. All are seen as very valuable to the local community, especially to elderly members who may live alone and feel isolated.

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With over 7 years’ experience in the SMS business our easy to use application is the fastest growing community alerts app in the country. We have one staff member dedicated to Community Alerts and if you are interested in a demo, please email [email protected]

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