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Australia’s Friendliest Broadcast SMS Service

Sendmode offers the lowest cost and friendliest Broadcast SMS service in Australia. Over the past 11 years we have grown from a startup to provide SMS Marketing solutions to over 35,000 customers globally. We believe our success is down to great value pricing, quality of our coverage with the local carriers and finally our brilliant customer service team.

In this article, I’ll hope to show why you might consider Sendmode for your wholesale SMS needs.


We’ve always had a strategy of being the lowest cost quality operator available. This balance is achieved through our volumes with over 10 million SMS per month passing through our servers. Thereby allowing us to negotiate a better price with the operators and pass these prices onto you, our customers.

Below are our prices. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Number of SMS

Price per SMS Total (Incl GST)

7.5c $75

7c $175

6.5c $325

6c $600

Furthermore, starting at 4.5c per SMS, if you are sending more than 10,000 a month volume, contact us directly for a bespoke price.

Sendmode Wholesale SMS Marketing Free Trial

Broadcast SMS Features

The following features are free with every account.

  • 2 Way SMS
  • Forward Replies to Email
  • Email2SMS
  • Upload Excel files
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Sender ID with URL Opt Out
  • Message Scheduling
  • Personalisation
  • SPAM Compliance
  • Live Support

We are constantly updating the system with new features. The ideas for which come from our customers and are added to our 6 week agile development cycle. This means we have new and improved features in the Sendmode system every 6 weeks.


We use ON-NET and direct connections to all local carriers.

Wholesale SMS local carriers


Sendmode’s SMS API Gateway will SMS-enable any site or application. In a few simple lines of code you can connect your application to the mobile world.

You can do this using any programming language (.NET, PHP, Java etc) and you will be up and running in minutes.
Our sms gateway is fast, secure and reliable; we provide full documentation with technical support 24/7. We also provide all Delivery Reports which can be sent to a URL of your choice or you can poll the service to retrieve your reports.

Access to our Developer SMS API Gateway is completely free, you only pay for the SMS you send. Also when you sign up we will give you 25 free credits to get you started.


We have been in the SMS Marketing business for over 11 years and have tons of experience on how SMS can serve your business needs. We are more than happy to provide advice on the timing, content and frequency of your messages so you can get the best results from your campaigns.

We’re also not into ticketing systems and all that nonsense. If you have any questions, comments or queries please email us and we’ll be back to you in less than 30 minutes.

I believe our customer support is one of the reasons why business owners continue to trust us over the years. They know we will do anything they ask us and if we have responsibility for a mistake, we will accept it and ensure it doesn’t happen again.
Check out some of our customer reviews in our Customer Reviews Section

Sendmode Wholesale SMS Marketing Free Trial

Why Us

Suppose this is trumpet blowing time. There is loads of competition for your hard earned marketing dollar and we believe the choice of
Broadcast SMS supplier boils down to 3 reasons.


We keep our prices low because we send millions of text messages each month to each mobile network. These volumes give us the opportunity to negotiate the best prices and pass the savings onto our customers.
Sendmode is a pay as you go service, no contracts and you only pay for the texts you use.


The 2 founders are engineers and have built the platform to the highest engineering standards and of which we are proud to have won multiple awards for its quality.

There is fully transparent reporting on all text messages and we can even check the status and validity of your customer numbers by pinging the Global network to check whether they are live or dead numbers.


We want to develop long term relationships and be your SMS service provider for years to come. All our customers have the mobile numbers of their account manager and one of the owners of the business. If there is anything you need, just phone or email and we are on it straight away.

We guarantee a great customer experience.


Currently there are no restrictions in the Australian market.

Sendmode Wholesale SMS Marketing Free Trial

About Sendmode

Sendmode was started in 2008 by 2 computer programmers, Barry Murphy and John McNamara, who believed that business owners were being charged too much for ineffective marketing tools. Today the Broadcast SMS platform they built sends over 10 million SMS per month on behalf of business owners worldwide. They are committed to keeping pricing at the lowest on the internet while building long lasting relationships with all our clients.

If you would like to try our Wholesale SMS platform please click the link below, check out our extremely low prices and then sign up for a free, no obligation trial. Should you like the platform (and we hope you will 🙂 ) and decide to purchase an SMS Bundle, we will double your first purchase for FREE as a thank you for choosing Sendmode.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we hope we can serve your Broadcast SMS needs.

Barry & John
Sendmode Co-Founders