SMS Marketing for Snooker Halls

SMS Marketing for Snooker Halls

When is the last time you witnessed a ‘whitewash’ or a ‘century break’?  Is your snooker hall in dire need of a ‘maximum break’?  Ramp up your ‘cue power’ with clever SMS Marketing campaigns to pack out your snooker hall day and night!

Marketing in business has grown in complexity – not in terms of the aim but in the array of choices of how we reach the customer.

The reason why SMS Marketing is an exceptionally successful tool, is how people respond when they receive text messages. The statistics don’t lie:-

  • Text messages are opened 98% of the time
  • Moreover, 83% are opened and read within 3 minutes of receiving them!
  • SMS promotions are also being redeemed by approximately 1 in 5 recipients as opposed to traditional methods that net usually less than 2%

Why SMS marketing is the way to go for your snooker hall:-

  • Simple, FREE setup, with FREE credits
  • Low cost – reach 1,000 players for just 36 euro!
  • Ubiquity of mobile phones
  • Easy to use – SendMode provide excellent continued support and assistance
  • Time saving – marketing and advertising has never been so simple
  • Builds, grows and strengthens customer relationships
  • Ensures brand loyalty – text your loyalty subscribers with a personal message i.e. “Hey Fred, 2 x free games AND further discount on your buddy pass on Wednesdays, are you game ball?”
  • Succinct, concise, real-time communication

Significantly boost your snooker hall footfall 🙂 now by contacting Trevor or John on 020-3411-446 or email to get your SMS Marketing campaigns underway!

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