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SMS Gateway Ireland – We make it easy

Sendmode offers the easiest to use SMS Gateway application on the market. Used by thousands of businesses and developers worldwide, you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Get up and running in minutes We provide HTTP and SMPP connections to our gateway. One of our developers is assigned to guide you […]


10 benefits of Bulk Text Marketing

There are more than a few reasons why bulk text marketing is so popular with business owners. So we decided to jot down a few of them. Below are 10 benefits of using bulk text. 1. 100% Market Potential Everyone has a mobile phone these days and the only messaging app on every single mobile […]

mobile marketing strategies 2017

Improving your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2017 had an excellent blog post recently on how to improve mobile marketing strategies for business owners. It began by informing us on how fast global mobile traffic is growing. It grew by 74% in 2015 according to Cisco!!! The blog post then highlights some ways to improve your mobile marketing strategy for 2017. With […]


How AirBnB Got Started

Funders and Founders published another excellent infographics recently which is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners who often wonder about world class businesses and how they got started. There are lessons in the stories of all global businesses for any business owner. The infographic below briefly shows how AirBnB got started and despite being rejected […]


How Angry Birds Got Started

Funders and Founders provide great infographics for entrepreneurs and business owners who often wonder about world class businesses and how they got started. There are lessons in each infographic for all of us. The infographic below briefly shows how Angry Birds got started and we love the quote from Elbert Hubbard “There is no failure […]

SMS Marketing lessons

SMS Marketing Lessons from Effective Email Campaigns

The people at Emma have created a brilliant infographic of the most effective email campaigns of 2016. There are a number of lessons in this infographic which can be applied to all types of marketing, especially if you are using mobile and SMS Marketing. Below are the main tips and advice we have gleaned from […]


Text Messaging Ireland

Text Messaging is an increasingly popular way for Irish business owners to contact their customers with offers, promotions, news & events. There are a number of key reasons for this; SMS is only the app on every phone Text Messaging is a mature and super reliable technology which has been around for over 20 years […]


A Mobile Marketing Strategy for 2017

If your business does not have a mobile marketing strategy, it is time to start seriously thinking about one. Consumers check their mobile phones on average 150 times per day. More people are browsing the internet with their mobiles than any other medium. So much so that Google’s next release of their search product will […]


Is SMS Marketing Effective?

As the messaging market gets more fragmented, more businesses are turning to the only standard compliant technology that is on every cell phone; sms. This is why SMS Marketing is becoming so popular worldwide nowadays with 1.4 trillion sms marketing messages sent each year. Below are some reasons why; 100% Compliant and on every mobile […]


Bulk Text, Apps or Email?

Our friends at Neon came up with a class infographic which shows how different marketing channels compare when it comes to customer engagement. The channels compared in this infographic are Bulk Text, Emails and App notifications. We hope you found the above infographic helpful. If you have any questions or comments on it please contact […]