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marketing for start-ups

Marketing for Start-ups 101

We came across this infographic during the week and really liked it. It is about a fictitious Food Truck Start-Up and what they need to do to market their fledging business. The infographic covers naming, branding, social media, marketing ideas and getting out there.

mobile vouchers

Measurable Marketing with Mobile Vouchers

Bulk SMS is a hugely popular marketing tool for business owners who want to connect instantly with their customer base. With 98% of all SMS messages opened and 90% opened within 3 minutes of receipt, business owners are pretty much guaranteed that their customers will open and read their messages. It is easy to see […]

ott-vs- bulk sms

WhatsApp, Viber vs Bulk SMS

There was an excellent article on LinkedIn this week from Horisen AG, a marketing technology group in Switzerland contrasting the use of hugely popular messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger (collectively known as OTT apps) and Bulk SMS as a marketing tool for business. The article noted a number of important points for business […]

statistics mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing Association Fun Statistics

As it is a beautiful Friday morning we thought we would have a bit of fun and dug up an infographic from the Mobile Marketing Association which shows how much we love our mobile phones. It is a fairly known statistic that we check our mobile phones 150 times each day and therefore some of […]

webtext optimal frequency

Webtext – What is the Optimal Frequency of SMS Campaigns?

Companies who are new to SMS Marketing and webtext generally will be very delighted by the response rates they get from their first campaigns. With open rates of 98% SMS far exceeds any other form of advertising. However the success of the first campaign leads to one of the questions we have been most asked […]

bulk text messaging for small business

Bulk Text Messaging for Business

Marketing can be frustrating for business owners, many of us are experts in our own fields but we do not have marketing experience. We need a reliable and effective way to get our message out and have confidence that the message is hitting home. This is where Bulk Text Messaging comes in. There are a […]

sms marketing essentials

5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is Essential to the Modern Marketplace

A recent article published by the Huffington Post underlines why SMS Marketing is essential for small business. The article outlines a number of very important points about SMS Marketing and why business owners should consider it as a marketing tool. SMS is Mobile Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and incredible as it […]

sms vs email

SMS vs Email Marketing

If you are using email marketing this infographic may be of interest to you, it is a comparison between SMS vs Email marketing. While email marketing is very popular it does lag behind SMS in terms of open rates and response rates. We are all flooded with emails each day and it can be tiresome […]

email to sms gateway

Email to SMS Gateway

The open rates for emails is approximately 12% globally, this is mainly due to the fact that we get hundreds of emails each day. Many of these are SPAMMING or phishing emails and it can be frustrating sorting the relevant ones from the rubbish. So, next time you are sending an important email which needs […]

community text alerts

Community Text Alert Groups

Coming into the winter months and with the shorter darker days, we get a lot of enquiries from Community Text Alert groups about using our text messaging service. With the SMS feature being available on every mobile phone, SMS text messaging is the channel most Community Text Alert groups will use to contact members, especially […]