Benefits of using Sender ID

When people receive a text message from a sender with a name, they are generally inclined to trust it more than if it had come from an ‘unknown number’.

  • Instantly Recognizable

    Instantly Recognizable

    Displaying your company name as a sender will mean your customers can instantly recognize the text has come from your company and not some 'unknown number'.

  • Improved Brand Awareness

    Improved Brand Awareness

    Customers will instantly know whom the message is from because your sender ID will be displayed instead of the phone number.

  • Increased Open Rates

    Increased Open Rates

    A message from a familiar sender ID has a greater chance of being opened than one from an unknown number.

  • GDPR Compliant

    GDPR Compliant

    Use our Sender ID feature and remain GDPR compliant with our free consumer Opt Out tool.

  • Unlimited Free Sender IDs

    Unlimited Free Sender IDs

    Unlike other Bulk Text companies, you can create as many SenderIDs as you wish. Great for segmenting and targeting your customers database.

  • Fully Functional with Sendmode

    Fully Functional with Sendmode

    The Sender ID functionality is working perfectly with Sendmode, unlike some of our competitors who are delivering text from an 'unknown number'.