Bulk Text News – May 2017

SMS Marketing works!! If you were in any doubt about the power of SMS Marketing and Bulk Text. To get here, you have read the text we sent and clicked the link. This is why Bulk Text Marketing is so popular worldwide, it engages and works!! As a thank you, please claim 100 free credits […]

The rise of RCS Messaging

The Rise of RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging – What is it? RCS industry initiative was formed in 2007 by a group of industry promoters. In 2008 the GSM Association officially became the project ‘home’ of RCS and an RCS steering committee was established by the organisation. Fast-forward 7 years and Google first announced the launch of RCS (Rich Communication Service) […]

What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging is the next evolution of SMS Text Messaging. With Google announcing the expansion of its RCS and the rolling out an Early Access Program for the service, Android Messages application will replace the current native messaging app for android handsets. Rich Communication Services is aiming to replacing SMS messaging with […]


what is smishing and how does it work

Smishing is a short term for SMS phishing, a variant of phishing email scams that instead utilizes SMS systems to send out bogus text messages. It is the act of using mobile phone text messages to lure victims into immediate action such as downloading mobile malware, visiting a malicious website or calling a fraudulent phone […]

Skyscraper Marketing

skyscraper marketing

Recently we heard the term skyscraper marketing and were curious about why it’s trending right now. The basic idea behind the skyscraper technique is to pick popular pages, improve upon their content, and reach out to sites that linked to those lower quality pages and get them to link you. When done well skyscraper marketing […]

Two Factor Authentication with SMS

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is becoming an increasingly popular authentication protocol to protect online websites and adds another layer of security to the traditional username and password model. How does it work? When a user registers for a website they are asked to enter their details, including their mobile number. The website will generally send […]

Mobile Advertising Trends for 2017

With person to person SMS continuing to decline due to the proliferation of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, 2017 will see a further increase in the use of SMS for mobile advertising. According to Portio Research some 1.7 trillion Application to Person (A2P) SMS will be sent globally by 2018. One of the main reasons […]

Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the most heavily marketed to generation in history. They are bombarded each day with TV, Radio, Social Media, Print and now Mobile Advertising. In the middle of all this noise, how do you get your message to stick with millennials? How do we go about marketing to millennials? What is a Millennial? We […]

Simplytext Customers now supported by Sendmode.com

Hi, As mentioned in the email from Peggy, Simplytext customers will now be supported by the Sendmode.com team. You are very welcome and we are delighted to serve your SMS Text Messaging needs. Some pointers to get you started. Next time you login you will be logging in to the Sendmode system. Your username and […]

New SMS Signature Feature

Sendmode are happy to announce yet another small but nifty new feature on our platform. We’re always telling you about the importance of including an opt out at the end of your Bulk Text message, well our new SMS signature feature means that now you’ll never forget. You can set an automatic signature which will […]