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Make the most of Black Friday with Bulk Text Marketing

Make the most of Black Friday with Bulk Text Marketing

Black Friday is on 25th of November this year and is seen as the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season. Long known as a day when retailers will have great deals for consumers, it also represents a massive opportunity for retailers to connect with current and new customers. One of the most popular methods […]

Mobile shortcodes and keywords

Mobile Shortcodes and Keywords – What’s the Difference?

In a Bulk Text Marketing campaign the KEYWORD is the word texted to an SMS SHORTCODE, such as 51444 that can be used to generate sales or for promotional activities.  You may be most familiar with mobile shortcodes and keywords commonly used for text in competitions on TV and radio shows. For example, “Text WIN to 51444 to […]

Mobile Marketing Terminology

Mobile Marketing Terminology

It can all get a bit confusing sometimes, so here is your mobile marketing terminology guide. A API Application Programming Interface. Use our API to connect your application to ours to send automatic SMS messages. Android Google smartphone operating system Alerts A type of communication which converts instant, important information Application Software solutions that power […]

Hipcricket survey reveals interesting Insights on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing continues to grow at a remarkable rate, and yet a Insights on Mobile Marketing in a recent study from HipCricket says that 74% of consumers’ favorite brands are not currently advertising to them on their mobile phones. This means a very high number of businesses are missing out on a great way to not only […]

Generate new leads with SMS Shortcodes

Print media and direct mail advertising tends to be very general as they are not directed at specific target audiences and as a result are largely ineffective. On the other hand, SMS text messaging and SMS Shortcodes are estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail. This […]

benefits of sms shortcode

Benefits of SMS Shortcodes

Here’s a list of the Benefits of SMS Shortcodes for your Bulk SMS Marketing: 1. SMS Shortcodes are 5 digit numbers which are easier to remember for customers when contacting you. 2. SMS shortcodes is a short number to place on promotion material namely TV ads and other printed ads (magazines, transit advertising, billboards etc…) 3. Customers […]