Mobile Voucher On-line Mode

  • Mobile Vouchers Online Mode is suitable for stores that want to redeem vouchers securely at multiple points of sale.
  • Requirements: Mobile Device (Phone/Tablet) with Internet Access
  • Pro: Single Step, Paperless Operation, More Secure, Instant Reports
  • Con: Some Technical knowledge and Internet required.

Sendmode Mobile Voucher Retail

Sendmode Mobile Voucher Mobile

Mobile Voucher Off-line Mode

  • Mobile Vouchers Off-line Mode is suitable for stores that don’t have mobile devices or internet access.
  • Requirements: A printer to printout and mark redeemed codes as they are presented to staff.
  • Pro: No technical expertise required. Easily imported into system for full end to end reporting.
  • Con: Two Step Operation, Less Secure, Delayed Reports

Sendmode Mobile Voucher Butcher

Sendmode Mobile Voucher Paper