API Send SMS Process

Sendmode API Send SMS Process

  • Sendmode‚Äôs SMS API Gateway will SMS-enable any site or application. In a few simple lines of code you can connect your application to the mobile world.
  • You can do this using any programming language (.NET, PHP, Java etc) and you will be up and running in minutes.
  • Our sms gateway is fast, secure and reliable ; we provide full documentation with technical support 24/7. We also provide all Delivery Reports which can be sent to a URL of your choice or you can poll the service to retrieve your reports.
  • Send SMS GET URL Format:

    https://api.sendmode.com/httppost.aspx?Type=sendparam&username=xxx&password=yyy&numto=353871234567&data1=Hello World!

    username * Your Sendmode Account Username.

    password * Your Sendmode Account Password.

    numto * The number you wish to send your data to. This number must start with country code and drop the leading zero for example 3538 for Ireland, 447 for UK.

    data1 * The message you want to send.

    senderid Display an 11 Character PhoneNumber/BusinessName on Sent SMS.

    customerid Your own unique system reference number.