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Sendmode School Text – Transcript

Delivering school notifications to parents via SMS messaging has become an important part of school administration.

The most common types of SMS notification are;

  • Student missing from school
  • School upcoming events
  • Emergency school closures

For school principals like Matthew, selecting an SMS provider has been a decision between
Standard Bulk SMS Providers or
Customised School SMS Software.

Each option contains significant Pro’s and Con’s thus causing a decision dilemma for schools.

Bulk SMS Providers typically provide low cost SMS, but have a standardised software platform to cover all businesses.

Custom School Software provides specific features for schools administration, but locks the school into purchasing high cost SMS.

The engineers from Sendmode have been working closely with over 100 different schools to address this dilemma.

Today we are delighted to introduce our new School Text Module onto our Multi-Award Winning Platform.

Schools can now get the best of both worlds, customised SMS software specifically for schools,
while still benefitting from the same low cost SMS rates available to Sendmode’s Bulk SMS customers.

We have also included some really cool, easy to use features to simplify daily administration tasks.
These include;

  • Enhanced Import Function with Auto Group Create
  • Multiple Guardian details for each Student
  • Simplified Student Missing School Notifications
  • Integrated with SIMS and SERCO Facility Software systems.

Our specialist support team are as always contactable directly by phone or email.

They are available to assist the school Administrator get setup for the new school year, as well as any other help needed throughout the year.

To celebrate the launch of our new School Text Module we have a fantastic new offer just for schools of

10% Extra Bonus on Every Purchase made during the Entire New School Year.

Contact our Support Team today for more Information on the School Text Module.

Sendmode SMS Vouchers – Transcript

Meet Nigel. Nigel manages a chain of Bingo Clubs where among other things he is responsible for running promotions.

Nigel uses SMS messaging to remind members of daily game prizes and promotions.

Cash or discounts are used to reward members for coming to the club.

His members love these offers, but Nigel is worried about the security risk when running these promotions.

In fact his clubs are losing thousands of pounds a week to promotion process fraud.

After researching existing voucher systems Nigel found them to have;

  • Set up costs of 3000 pounds
  • High maintenance paper printing
  • On premises bulky hardware
  • Lock-in to high cost SMS

Nigel failed to find anything matching his needs, so he decided to call the engineers at Sendmode, the Award Winning SMS Platform.

The engineers listened, then took a road trip to visit Nigel, observed the promotion process, took more notes, then returned to the design lab.

After days living on pizza and coffee the team emerged with the solution to Nigel’s needs.

The Sendmode Voucher System creates a unique coded voucher sent via SMS to club members.

The voucher is redeemed in the club on a Tablet device and sent to the online Sendmode
account for secure verification.

The Sendmode Voucher System offers the following value;

  • No Setup Cost
  • No paper
  • No Bulky Hardware Low Cost
  • High Quality SMS Reduces Promotion Fraud by over 99%
  • No Contact
  • Low Monthly Rate

Nigel is overjoyed with his new Voucher System, promotional fraud is non-existent, and he has peace of mind.

The online reports provide Nigel with additional business information such as;

Which customers are Redeeming?
Which Promotions are most Effective?
What is the Return on Investment from Promotions?

Call our sales team today for more information on the Sendmode Voucher System.

Company Info

JB Interactive – Video

Sendmode Mobile Mkt- Video

JB Interactive – Transcript

JB Interactive Mobile Marketing Limited was established in 2008 by Barry Murphy and John McNamara.

They saw an opening in the market to provide high-quality digital mobile services, at a highly competitive price, and have developed three products.

“, which is the bulk texting service which is very popular here in Ireland, quite popular in the UK, we have about 1500 clients. We’ve launched that now into 5 countries overall, we’ll be launching it into more during the year.”

The second product is Citizen Mode, a GPS based new low-cost communication application that uses the power of mobile to provide instant communication between citizens and public service authorities.

The third product is Pager SMS, a low-cost and highly effective critical messaging application, which uses SMS text messaging instead of older, unreliable paging technologies.

Based in CoLab, Letterkenny the company employs five full-time and one part-time staff.

Turnover quadrupled in 2010, which sales in;

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

“Currently, we are targeting the English-speaking markets.

We’ll probably move out into the French and German markets later on in the year”.

Sendmode Mobile Mkt – Transcript

Sendmode provides targeted, permission based mobile and internet marketing solutions to business.

Sendmode helps businesses generate leads ad reach their customers directly by delivering their marketing messages via SMS and social networking websites.

While traditional advertising yields a 3% – 5% response rate, permission based marketing typically yields 20% – 30%.

Sendmode customers confirm that those who opt-in to their loyalty clubs ad sign up for special deals are much more likely to take up the

With a Sendmode account you can quickly send SMS offers, either through our easy-to-use web portal or from your mobile phone.

You could choose the text that will appear on the recipient’s message, such as ‘Kids come free today’, you could also quickly include useful signatures such as ‘Texts Cost Standard Rate’, and ‘There is no charge for receiving alerts’.

You can create groups based on customers who’ve opted-in for various promotions, for example, an advertisement at the local leisure complex, and you can then target this specific group with new messages.

You can view SMS reports to check that all intended recipients receive the message successfully.

Sendmode also provides a number of interactive features to engage with your customers, such as;

  • Text competitions
  • Texting your order; aimed at take ways and restaurants
  • Text Polls
  • Request call backs by text

Sendmode also publishes your promotional messages for free on Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, and more allowing you to harness the power of social networking internet sites.

Sendmode is already helping to increase the customer base of sole traders, retailers, hoteliers, restaurants, bars and clubs, and a host of other B2C businesses.

Sendmode is easy to use, with permission based marketing you’ll save money and target your customers more effectively.

Sendmode, Marketing That Counts!!