Sending Messages

  • How many characters are in an SMS message?

    One SMS credit will use up 160 characters, 161 – 299 characters will use 2 credits and 300 – 440 characters will use 3 credits. When typing your message you will be able to see how many characters and credits you have used.

  • How do I know if a message has been sent?

    In the reports section of Sendmode it will show if a message has been Delivered, Undelivered, Dispatched or Expired.

  • Can I spilt my database into groups?

    Yes, you can divide your database into as many groups as you require.

  • Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?

    Yes you can. Once you have created your message you can select a time and date for this to be sent.

  • How do I send an image by SMS?

    You need to attach the image into your message and we’ll convert it into a clickable link in the body of your SMS text message. Follow these step by step instructions.