SenderID and Mobile Keywords

  • Can the sender name be the Business Name?

    Yes, you can use up to 11 alphabetic characters as the sender name. You may use the sender name as your business name or your campaign name and you may create as many as you want in your Sendmode account. You may also use a mobile number as your sender name which allows customers to respond directly to your handset or even back into your mobile account.

  • Why can’t I receive replies when using a sender name?

    By using a sender name you are overriding the number the message comes from. This means that the receiving phone cannot tell where the message has originated in order to send a reply.

  • Can we set up a keyword or short code and have a revenue stream from it?

    No, we don’t offer Premium Rate services.

  • How can people opt-out of my text message promotions?

    People can opt out of your text marketing by texting your keyword followed by the word STOP to your short code 88990. When one of your customers opts out of your SMS marketing, their phone number will be automatically removed from all your contact lists and added to your opt-out list. Our system will block any messages being sent to this number from your account. If you try to import the number into your database of customers again our system will recognize this and NOT import it.