Is SendMode better value for business than Vodafone WebText?

Vodafone Webtext state on their website “With our Vodafone webtext service, you can send 600 free text messages online each month to any International mobile number. You can even send texts to up to five different mobiles at once, with the option of scheduling your message to send anytime over the next seven days.”.

After the 600 free web texts, the typical charge is 10c per message.

So lets say you are a business with 2,500 numbers in your opt-in database and wish to send one promotion per month to your customer list.

  • Vodafone : 600 free plus 1,900 at 10c each = €190.
  • SendMode currently offers 2,500 messages for 3.3c each, total is €82.50. This represents a monthly saving of €107.50 and a yearly saving of €1,290.

Not to mention the fact that with SendMode you can send to all at once, not just 5 at a time as in Vodafone webtext’s app.

So for business clients with a monthly campaign sending to 2,500 numbers, SendMode does in fact save you both time and money and offers better value than Vodafone’s free web text offering.

If you like to know more about how Sendmode is better placed to suit your business needs than Vodafone WebText, please feel free to call us at any time on 01-685-4913 or sign up for a no obligation free trial with 25 free credits at

We also have a free switching where we will do everything for you, you just sign into SendMode and all your contacts are already there. We’ll also give you 10% extra free on your first purchase.

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