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International SMS Routes – The Real Cost

Many Bulk Text operators (or SMS Brokers) offer international SMS Routes through pirate brokers at low prices. On the face of it this looks like a saving but there are a number of costs which need to be considered before choosing these operators. They can in fact do a lot of harm to your business.

The image below show how international SMS routes work.

international sms routes

Operators are losing revenue and could block your campaigns

Mobile operators are continually closing down these international routes as they are losing legitimate revenue. This could result in none of your messages being delivered or even being marked as delivered by the pirate operators when they haven’t been.

Operators may begin blocking your SenderIDs which are coming through international routes.

Messages arriving as international numbers

Many pirate brokers do not have SenderID functionality at all. You could send your offer from your business name, the brand name people know and trust, and the SMS arrives with as an international number for example +61 2373 3393. How does that make your brand look?

Marketing campaigns not billed correctly

Following on from the above point, you will be billed for all the messages you send, even if they are not delivered or marked as delivered incorrectly. Ultimately you cannot have certainty whether the messages were sent delivered to your customers at all so you may be paying for a service which provides no delivery.

Some customers get your offers, others do not

Some of your customers may not get an offer which they would be very keen to redeem. They may learn that others have got this offer but they have not. This harms your brand and annoys your customers.

How much do they actually send on international routes?

If a company is telling you they are sending 30% of your traffic on international routes, you can be sure they are sending much more. By using these cheaper routes there is a temptation to put more of your SMS down this route and make more profit, while charging you full price.

If you wish to use quality SMS routes for your marketing or communications, be sure to ask your provider for clarification on which routes they use. There are good legitimate brokers out there who only use quality routes and I don’t just mean Sendmode, there are many SMS Brokers who want to provide a quality SMS service to you and help drive up your revenue with quality SMS Marketing campaigns.

I hope you found this helpful in some way and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

John McNamara & Barry Murphy, Co-Founders of

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