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Improving your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2017 had an excellent blog post recently on how to improve mobile marketing strategies for business owners. It began by informing us on how fast global mobile traffic is growing. It grew by 74% in 2015 according to Cisco!!! The blog post then highlights some ways to improve your mobile marketing strategy for 2017.

With great power comes great responsibility

Our mobiles are never more than a few feet away from us at all times. A recent statistics said that people check their mobiles 150 times a day. People may be relying on their smartphones all the time but that does not mean they want to be pinged too often by marketers.

In fact if you are too aggressive with your mobile marketing, users will tune out and opt out of receiving any more messages from your brand. All that hard work in customer acquisition is now for nothing.

We recommend connecting with your customer base once every 4-6 weeks via mobile marketing. If you are having a sale, a campaign at the start of the sale and then again at its mid-point is optimal. Anything else could be seen as too aggressive.

Personalize your campaigns

The more you know about your customer’s preferences and choices the better prepared you are to present what your customers want. Most companies nowadays have deep information about customer preferences, so why not use this information to present offers and promotions which you know your customers will value.

Personalization can in fact be a mobile marketer’s most powerful tool and according to Sprinklr, personalization leads to an emotional connection with the user.

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