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MND Ice Bucket Challenge Benefits from Text Message Donations

The Ice Bucket Challenge has become the world’s latest social media craze as community’s unite by throwing buckets of ice cold water over themselves to raise awareness and much needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND), or ALS as it is known in the US (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Text messaging has remained the most popular way to donate money to the cause throughout this campaign and this once again highlights how popular text messages are today.

The simplicity of the ICE Bucket Challenge is one of the key reasons why it became so popular, all you need is a smartphone, a bucket, water and a friend to help out. Record yourself pouring water on top of your head, use your smartphone to upload onto social media, and then send a text message to donate to MND or ALS. Smartphone ownership continues to increase, thus the challenge was accessible for almost anyone to record it on their mobile phone. Anyone without a social media account could just ask a friend to upload for them and the best bit- everyone can send a text message, regardless what time of mobile phone they have- so its quid’s in for MND and ALS!

Here at Sendmode, all our staff have recently participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and although we may have felt pretty stupid pouring ice cold water over ourselves, we were very content to do so if it meant raising awareness for Motor Neurone Disease and donating money to the cause.

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Ice Bucket Challenge