How to get started with Bulk Text Marketing

How to get started with Bulk Text Marketing

More and more businesses are harnessing the power and reach of text messages. Bulk Text marketing offers a direct channel to your customers and the statistics show that text messages are always read by recipients. Sendmode, a leading supplier of Bulk Text Marketing services offers a quick 3 step process to optimizing your marketing spend, increasing your revenue and saving you time.

1. Collect Mobile Numbers from our Customers

Start collecting today!!!! Collect as many names and mobile numbers from your customers as you can. It is far cheaper to market to an existing customer than to try to find a new one.

There are a number of ways to do this; from running a competition and asking people to fill in entries to using mobile keywords for customers to text to join. For more on mobile keywords please visit

2. Create an Account on a Bulk Texting Service

Choose a reputable Bulk Text supplier, create a free account on the service and then upload your list of numbers.

There are many reputable services on the internet, however ensure they are well versed in data protection laws and can guide you through the requirements.

3. Make Timing and Content Key

Well-timed permission based text messages give the best response rate of all marketing tools. The average response rate across all industries is 12% with some industries such as retail and FMCG reporting much higher responses.

Looking at these basic numbers, if a bulk text marketing campaign is sent out to 1,000 customers, at least 120 will respond to that promotion. Multiply by the average spend per response and you can see why text message marketing is so popular worldwide with business owners.

However, having direct access to a person’s mobile phone is a powerful tool. People consider their phone numbers to be very private and you must respect this. In order to sustain a long term relationship with your customers and reap the benefits of text message marketing over and over again, you must be aware of the timing and content of your messages.


We recommend sending a campaign once a month to your customers. Anymore and they may feel pressurized by your business.


The promotions must be well thought out and of value to your customers. It is a good idea to segment your customer base into groups and send only offers to groups that would be interested in them.

If you consistently get Timing or Content wrong, your customers will begin opting out of your customer lists.


In summary, bulk text marketing is a very powerful marketing tool and when used correctly will save you money, drive your revenues and even save you hours each week on your marketing. An SMS can be created, sent and delivered in minutes whereas designing flyers, emails or newspapers advertisements can take days.

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