cloud based sms service

Cloud Based SMS Service

Application to Person (A2P) SMS are becoming increasingly popular through the use of a cloud based SMS service to contact consumers directly. A2P SMS is used in many applications segments including promotional marketing campaigns, pushed content services, customer relationship management services, interactive services, and other inquiry based services. Cloud based SMS services are used in industries like marketing, media, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, banking, tourism, financial services, and retail. With the A2P market set to grow by 4.4% per annum up to 2015 (and a value of $80 billion worldwide), maybe your business should start looking at one of these services for your marketing or communication needs.

With SMS being the only app on every mobile handset in the world, it provides a great communication channel between you and your customers, staff, parent, club or committee members. In general there are two ways in which a cloud based SMS service would be used.

Web or Mobile

Most business owners would use a cloud based SMS service via a website or mobile application. The business would login from anywhere (and from any device) and send a message to their customer base. Most services are extremely easy to use and will require very little if any training. The real beauty of the cloud based SMS service is that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Could Based SMS API

If you are not a computer programmer you will not have to worry about this one. API stands for application programming interface and is used by developers to connect to an SMS gateway to send out messages on a piece of software’s behalf. For example if you were creating a piece of salon software and wished to use SMS to confirm appointments you would use an API to connect to a specialist SMS service like Sendmode’s to send out the message on your behalf. The SMS Gateway would handle all the routing, sending, delivery and reporting of the message.

In summary, there are 2 options; you can use a web or mobile application or your programmer can connect to an SMS Gateway and send via a cloud based API.

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