SMS Marketing for car dealers

Car dealers reduce costs with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing for car dealers is the most efficient way sms marketing for Car Dealersfor businesses to promote their stock list, with over 6.8 million smartphones and tablets on Christmas Day 2011 alone in comparison to 2.8 million on the same day in 2010. According to the Irish Times, NEW CAR sales increased by 2.4 per cent last year. So, Car dealers can utilise the power of text message marketing to promote their stock and the other services they offer, to increase all sales even further in the coming year.

The Benefits of SMS marketing for car dealers are:
– Reduce marketing costs as Text messaging costs less than an advertising campaign at from 2.2c or 3.7p per message.
– Build your Marketing database with Opt In services. *
– Guaranteed campaign success as 100% of text messages are read, with 85% read immediately.
– Text message marketing promotes the latest Stock list, as there is no lead time to publishing the advert by sms compared with paper advertisements.
– Promote additional services to existing customers and new customer’s from car accessories to the annual service with the parts and service centre.

SMS marketing for car dealers can be used to:
– Attract visitors to your forecourt.
– Generate leads for your sales department.
– Contacting customers with new arrivals of the latest stock available.
– Contacting customers regarding car collection, yearly car service, pre NCT or MOT checks etc…
–  Advertise promotions for your products and services for example: annual service, Car rental service, activate your warranty by text message etc…

Other services sms marketing for car dealers can offer:
– Request a stock list by Text *
– Book your new car by text message this New Year, or reserve a car for purchase by text message etc… *
– Take booking by Text message to arrange financing, and send an appointment reminder.

Keeping text messages short and to the point is the key to maintaining and building your customer database, also grouping your customer’s enables you to target specific promotions to specific customers. Here are some sample texts of messages car dealers could use:
Car Dealers Example: We have new vehicles in stock. To receive our up-to-date list of cars text DEALER + your email to 51444, or call in today to test drive a car.
Parts Example: Your special order of ……. has now arrived at our parts dept – please contact us on ……. to arrange collection or delivery.
Services Example: Our records show you are due your annual service this month. Book it with us today or before Fri 12th and get 10% off your service.

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The key to this message is that it is short and to the point enabling the customer to request additional information based on their current needs. For those who don’t have e-mail they can visit the forecourt to see the options available.

* Note you will need a keyword for this facility

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