Bulk Text Buyer Beware

Beware the Bulk Text Suppliers who use Multipliers


We’ve had so many companies switch to Sendmode over the past few months for the same reason that we wanted to shed some light on why. It is because of how some Bulk Text Suppliers are charging their customers.

Some Bulk Text suppliers are using a multiplier system whereby they will quote a very low price for SMS but when you send, the cost of each message is multiplied depending on which network you are sending to.

For example; one company is advertising Bulk Text at 3c each, however when you send an SMS, this is multiplied by 2 for the 02 network (costing you 6c), 2 for Vodafone ( 6c again ) and 1.3 for Meteor (3.9c for Meteor), resulting in each SMS costing WAY more than the advertised price.

We feel this type of pricing is very misleading for business owners and has resulted in many companies switching to 1 credit per message providers like ourselves. The business owners we have spoken to wanted a straight price for the Bulk Text across all networks, they didn’t have the time to go checking if a number was really on a certain network and trying to work out actual costs was a nightmare.

Our strategy at Sendmode has always been to be 100% transparent with our customers and to give the best quality at the best value on the internet. In our system it is 1 credit per message at the advertised price for all networks. No funny business or sneaky multipliers to jack up the price.

In fairness there are a few of us out there who treat our customers with respect and we would urge you to make sure the price you are quoted is for 1 credit per message across all networks. Not a low price for this network but then a high one for this one, this creates confusing and makes it easy for you guys to be overcharged.

If you would like to try Sendmode’s award winning 1 credit per message across ALL networks application, with 25 free SMS Messages credits ( no obligation or Credit card required ) simply click the icon below and fill in the form for a free trial.

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