Time To First Value

What is Time to First Value?

Converting potential customers to paying ones is one of the cornerstones of building a successful business. After a customer has purchased from your company you must then build and maintain a great relationship but that is a blog for another day. Today’s blog is all about converting potential customers to paying ones and one of the keys to this is what is called Time to First Value.

Time to First Value is the amount of time is takes for your potential customer to see value in the product you are offering. It is the value proposition that is the key to your product anyway and having a clear time to first value will clarify your sales pitch.

Typically when the Time to First Value is longer, the sales cycle is also longer as business owners will generally hold back on a commitment until they have seen some value in your product or service. In this case the Time for First Value must be crystal clear. “If you purchase this system, you will start seeing a return in 6 months, if you do not, we will take it back, no questions asked.”

At Sendmode, we are in the business of SMS Marketing and we believe one of the main strengths of Bulk Text is that the time to first value can be very quick and efficient, for example; a business can send out a marketing SMS and it is delivered to customers in seconds. The business owner can have customers responding within minutes to their latest offers or promotion. One of the keys to the popularity of SMS Marketing is this Time to Value and in particular when a customer is new to SMS Marketing, the Time to FIRST Value.

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This is what sells so many business owners on the value of SMS marketing.

Whatever service or product you are selling, if you clarify ( and ideally accelerate ) the Time to First Value then you are well on your way to improving your conversion rates and building a successful business.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.