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Use Mass Text Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

Mass text marketing is an effective and low cost way to get your message into the hands of your customers. Many forms of mass marketing cannot guarantee that your message will be read, seen or even heard, it’s what is known as a ‘spray and pray’ approach and isn’t what we recommend.

If you have put the effort into building a list of your customers contact details then you need to very carefully decide how you can make the most out of having their permission.  You need to plan ahead all your mass text marketing to ensure it is aligned with upcoming promotions, special offers or events. Once you have decided what you want to send to them, you need to make sure your SMS has a very clear call to action, so that your customers know exactly what the need to do next. Try to make your SMS as engaging as possible, make your SMS stand out from the crowd i.e. your competition.

You know your customer’s best so you should know what will drive them in store or online, make sure your SMS is appealing in its very nature and you can benefit from response rates as high as 15%. Mass text marketing boasts an open rate of 98%, no other marketing tool can offer anywhere near that! The best thing of all is that is it extremely low cost. With Sendmode you only pay for your SMS credits, there are no contracts, set up fees or strings attached. Simply buy your SMS credits online and send SMS from within your Sendmode account.

Sendmode also allow you to be reactive to your industry’s market needs, we offer all our customers a free bulk text app for iPhone or Android. This means that mass text marketing can be sent whilst on the move- we’re helping you to make your mass text marketing stand out from the crowd!

To find out more or for a free trial contact Trevor on 01 685 4913 or email and we would be happy to get you started with mass text marketing.

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