1. Good Timing: Pick the relevant time to send out yourSMS Campaign perfect sms campaign carefully, to ensure your customers have enough time to take advantage of the offer provided in the message. For example: sending a message out about lunch specials out around 11am would be ideal to give customers a chance to choose what they want.

2. Short personalised/targeted messages:


  • – Personalise messages: Personalise your message campaigns for example: to include the customer’s name and appointment details.
  •  – Short targeted messages: Keep your messages short and to the point – promoting one goal in each message – your goal can be anything, Example: Book an appointment today for 10% off your next visit.

3. Grow your audience:

  • – Use an SMS keyword to enable customers to sign up for your text marketing.  E.g. Text ‘Sendmode’ to 51444 to receive the latest news and offers from Sendmode. This will enable customers to OPT-IN to receive your SMS alerts.
  • – Place the shortcode information on other marketing material such as newspaper ads, flyers, etc… to build your database of customers.

4. Include a call to action: For a successful text marketing campaign, you must tell the message recipients what you want them to do or why you’re sending the message. Examples: Call in store today to receive double points on your loyalty card, or Ring today to book your next appointment and get 10% off that visit.

5. Avoid Repetition: Ensuring your database is managed correctly will mean you are sending out relevant marketing communications. You can do this by grouping your customers into sections / target audiences, meaning you can target your communications more effectively based on what the customer needs or wants. Example groups: Jan Service, March Nct, U 8’s Soccer etc..

6. Respect Opt OUTs:Providing an opt-out option regularly on your text campaigns enables customers to choose to continue to receive the messages or not. Sendmode offer 3 opt out options:

  • i) Keyword facility, Example: Text Keyword + stop to 51444 to opt out of our text marketing. The number will be opted out of receiving your messages automatically – so you don’t need to do anything. (Costs €100/£100 per annum)
  • ii) Website opt-out at: Example: “to opt out go to”. Customers can remove their name from any mailing lists that are available through the Sendmode Platform. (Free)
  • iii) Manual opt-out – Customers can text an office mobile number to opt out of text marketing campaigns. Once the message is received to this number, you need to manually remove the number from the database.

7. Clean your Database Regular: Save yourself money by removing old undeliverable numbers from your database. You can do this by checking the delivery success of your previous campaigns and removing the undelivered numbers. Alternatively, you can process a hlr lookup which will determine the status of each number within your database, ensuring that only unused / expired numbers are deleted and not numbers that didn’t deliver on one occasion due to the phone status (off / roaming) at the attempted delivery time.

Thanks for reading our blog, we hope this helps to improve your next sms campaign. Contact us on 01 685 4913 for more information or email