The WHYs for using SMS Marketing

Businesses marketing their products and services to potential customers should realise, understand and take advantage of the culture shift we are going through, embrace digital and mobile advertising platforms, enabling them to reach their entire customer base on the go!  It’s not just a western phenomenon, it’s global.

With effectively executed SMS Marketing campaigns, companies implementing SMS Marketing can drive in-store traffic, increase revenue and reach consumers on a deeper, more personal level.

Mobile means reaching people on the go, with instant, real-time communication …. you don’t even have to be a PC owner to reap the rewards of Bulk SMS!

The vast potential of SMS Marketing is also due to the way people think and use their mobile devices. Everyone reads text messages usually within 3 minutes, therefore its important to present your material in a unique manner, in order to grab a potential customer’s attention and then lock them in. Most people will opt in to a program that offers easy, fun access to valuable special offers.

As smartphones and tablets become more mainstream, SMS marketing will continue to grow as a requirement for businesses. Are you ready to tap into a mobile marketing campaign tailor made to suit your specific marketing requirements? The experts at SendMode can help to make your initial move a resounding success. Contact Trevor or John on Tel 020-3411-4464 or email

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