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The power of personal

I am reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and Influence People” at the moment and one of the early themes is how important a person’s name is to them. “A person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language”. By remembering a person’s name you are showing that you have a genuine interest in a person’s wants and needs. You are showing that person that they are important to you. There are many stories in the book from people who became very successful by having a genuine interest in other people and doing something as simple as remembering their name.

Bill Farley, former postmaster general of the United States put his success down to, among other things, the fact that he could call fifty thousand people by their first names.

So why not show our customers that we are thinking of them and have an interest in them?

Most Bulk SMS providers allow the addition of custom variables like FIRSTNAME to Bulk SMS Campaigns. This turns a marketing campaign from “Hi, we have great discounts in-store at the minute.” into “Hi John, we have great discounts in-store at the minute.”. A far more personal and effective message to one of your customers, don’t you agree?

At Sendmode, we’ve made personalizing a Bulk SMS Campaign very simple and easy to do. Upload your contact list into your Sendmode account and when sending the message, click the FIRSTNAME button. When the message is sent out, each FIRSTNAME will be replaced by the first name of the recipient. Very simple, yet very very powerful. Just ask Dale Carnegie !!!

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