The DO’s and Do NOT’s of Bulk SMS messaging

Below are someDO’s and Do NOT’s of Bulk SMS messaging helpful hints for when you are using bulk sms to communicate with your customers. DO’s and Do NOT’s of Bulk SMS messaging…

1. Ask permission to text your customers so they are happy to receive your messages.
2. Target different groups with different promotions – utilising the groups facility available e.g. Male/Female
3. Change your messages and offers regularly to maintain customer interest in your product or service.
– So, targeting your messages based on promotions, season, weather and customer buying behaviour, like you would with a newspaper advertisement.
4. Send relevant promotions via message or the group’s facility.
5.  Offer customers the OPT OUT facility, as customers like this as they are in control of what they receive.
6.  Utilise the SMS facility as part of your loyalty scheme.
7.  Use keywords to get new customers to sign up for your SMS marketing campaigns.
8. Utilise the keywords facility to get customer’s texting you also. This enables 2 way communications between you and your customers.
9. Send SMS’s at appropriate times e.g. takeaways send messages just before lunchtime and dinnertime, Leisure Centres send SMS’s at quiet times like 10-11 am or 2-4 pm.
10. Only send short messages highlighting important information example: Sendmode SALE weekend 12th-15th, from 9m- 6pm. All welcome, x% off this weekend only. OPT OUT by texting Out to 51444.

1. Bombard customers with text messages – they don’t like this.
2. Target customers who have not signed up for your loyalty messages.
3. Send the same message or offers every time you market your service to customers.
4. Send irrelevant messages to the general public. E.g. remember us!!!
5. Send messages when you are closed or too early in the morning nor too late at night (When people are asleep).
6. Send multiple messages in 1 go – these are annoying for customers, as these should be short and to the point.
7. Remove the OPT OUT facility on your texts as customers like to have the option available to them.
8. Ignore customer opt out requests.

There you have it, th DO’s and Do NOT’s of Bulk SMS messaging.  If there are any other suggestions you would like to make please feel free to contact us by calling 074 911 6059 or by emailing