Text Messaging Ireland

Text Messaging is an increasingly popular way for Irish business owners to contact their customers with offers, promotions, news & events. There are a number of key reasons for this;

SMS is only the app on every phone

Text Messaging is a mature and super reliable technology which has been around for over 20 years and still going strong. Unlike WhatsApp, Viber etc, SMS is the only messaging application that comes pre-installed on every mobile phone in the world.

Read Rates are Astonishing

No other marketing channel will match what you are about to read. Bulk Text messaging has a 98% read rate. So you send out 1,000 messages to your customers and 998 will read the message.

Another startling fact is that 90% of messages will be read within 3 minutes of receipt. This is one of the reasons why Bulk Texting is loved by the FMCG sector such as butchers. They send out a text and have people in-store and moving stock within minutes.

Permission based Marketing works

Marketing always works better when you have received permission from your customers. Combining permission based marketing with bulk texting your customers results in the highest response rates of any marketing channel. Over all industries there is a 12% response rate with some industries like FMCG, retail and entertainment getting much higher rates.

Lots of choice

There are lots of Bulk Text suppliers on the market and like any service, they vary is quality. Best option is to do a google search for “Bulk Text” or “Text Messaging Ireland” and have a look through the results list.

Make sure the suppliers you speak to understand the Data Protection laws in Ireland and your responsibilities as a data controller.

I hope you found the above blog useful and the next time you are running a marketing campaign you consider text message marketing.

We have been in the SMS Marketing business for over 7 years and serve over 20,000 customers. If you decide to choose us, we would be delighted to serve your marketing needs.

Thank you and Happy New Year.


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