Text Message for Safety Alerts

Text Message Marketing for Safety Alerts & Public Announcements

Text Message Marketing (or SMS Marketing) is a form of permission marketing that takes advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices and the prevalence of texting as a form of communication. It has proven hugely successful in marketing and business, therefore why not implement it when alerting the public of safety issues and important public announcements and notifications. For example:-

  • Weather – snow, black ice, roads closed due to flooding etc
  • Road Accidents
  • Electricity outages
  • Reminder to vote

How expensive is it to dispatch a notification to every household in the country or even throughout a county? How much administration time is expended? How effective is postal communication?

Why utilise Text Message Marketing for Safety Alerts & Public Announcements :-

  • 91% of adults have a mobile phone
  • 96% of mobile device users use SMS/Text messages
  • The average text message is read within 5 seconds
  • 97% of all text messages are read within the first 7 minutes dispatch
  • SMS/Text messaging is low cost i.e. send 1,000 messages for just £37
  • No set up fee
  • Account can be setup in minutes with FREE credits!
  • Sendmode is available as a FREE iPhone and Android mobile phone application.

To save time, money and to ensure each member of the Public receives timely safety alerts and notifications using Text Message Marketing, contact SendMode’s multi-award winning text messaging service on 020-3411-446 or email support@sendmode.com

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