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Text Alert Scheme

Many local communities are experiencing the benefits of a Text Alert Scheme to raise alerts of varying severity to the local community. Alerts can be anything from a residents’ association meeting to suspicious activity in the community area. Sendmode’s Text Alert Scheme follows the national guidelines set out by An Garda Siochana and Muintir na Tire and is approved by both organisations. Alerts can be sent to the Gardaí Siochana and once they are vetted the Gardaí, they are then sent to the Sendmode Text Alert system and subseqently broadcast.

The system has been designed to be user friendly and utilises our core messaging platform which sends out over 10 million SMS messages per month for over 8,000 clients worldwide. We have over 100 organisations in IRELAND already using the system, the feedback received has been fantastic.

“The system is very easy to use and works extremely well for keeping members of our community safe and informed. Well done to the Sendmode team on another great product”

Brian Sweeney, Loughside Community Alert, Letterkenny

We have created an iPhone and Android app, both of which are free to download from the AppStore and PlayStore. The mobile applications allow you to send in alerts, broadcast them (if you are a controller) and even GPS tag the alerts to locations for the Gardaí.

The Sendmode Text Alert Scheme application is a pay as you go service, no contract or minimum purchase commitments. Our pricing is available at along with a price comparison chart between us and other companies offering a similar service.

If you would like to know more about our Text Alert Scheme and to try it for free with our no obligation free trial, please contact us at any time on 01-685-4913 or email



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