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Social Media Management

Did you know that 95% of youths are checking their social media profiles every day and that 38% are checking them every few hours? A Thinkhouse survey of over 1200 UK university students has shown that 73% of students surveyed devote more of their time to social media than their parents or lecturers. The survey highlights the desire to be entertained by brands who are marketing to them on social media, thus highlighting the importance of ensuring your social media content is engaging and relevant to your audience. It also highlights the need for social media management.

Coming up with content for social media can be tricky and you’ve got to understand your customers to really know what they want from you. How can you find out? Ask them, and listen to what they have to say. 54% of youths surveyed by Thinkhouse said they had purchased something on social media. This statistic reveals the importance of readily available product information and a clear a call to action throughout all your social media. But remember the hard sell won’t work with this gang, be engaging and have some fun with it!

Once you’ve decided on your social media content, you need to find the time to post, tweet or share it on all the different platforms in-between all the other work you’ve got stacked up on your desk, an overflowing inbox and a diary full of meetings. Enter Sendmode’s Social Media Management app, the application that allows you to manage all your social media from one place. Instantly share content or schedule it for a later date and time. Then track the success of your posts using reports.

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