SMS Marketing works a charm for Valentine’s day

sms marketing works a charm
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching tomorrow, this is the perfect time to promote your products and services and let customers know what is available to them. SMS Marketing is the ideal medium to advertise all your special offers, as 80% of consumers keep their mobile phones with them all day. So why not sweeten your marketing campaign this Valentine’s Day with Text Marketing campaigns that will provide solutions for your customers and benefit your business.

Sendmode’s SMS Marketing service is an easy and effective online tool that allows you to reach your customer base with relevant, targeted, opt-in based offers. Here are a few tips to make your SMS Messages work like a charm:


  • – Place the main subject of your SMS as near to the beginning of the message as you can. This way, the customer can see immediately what the message is about.
  • – Promote the benefits of your product or service as opposed to highlighting the features.
  • – Grab the customers’ attention by using the right adjectives e.g. “romantic”, “adventurous”, “smouldering” or “exciting”.
  • – Provide an additional incentive to your customers for spending their hard earned money with you such as “Extra 5% discount with every €50 spent in store today”
  • – Don’t forget to include a clear call to action and keep it simple e.g. “Text ‘Love’ to receive your 20% off coupon” or “Avail of 10% discount today by text only”. Make sure it is clear to your customers what you want them to do.
  • – If you can, you should include a time frame in the message to create a sense of urgency.

Text Marketing is so easy, no wonder that businesses fall in love with the power of SMS Bulk Messaging. Sendmode’s SMS Messaging is the ideal inexpensive way to generate more awareness and buzz about your brands, products, services, and special offers instantly and effectively this Valentine’s Day and onwards. Text Marketing is very versatile for promoting your business, no matter the occasion or the time of year.

Visit and set up your Bulk SMS account today to gain the many benefits SMS messaging can bring to your business. We can also be contacted by phone on:  +353 (0) 74 911 6059. Alternatively, email us at:

Happy Valentine’s Day