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SMS Marketing vs. Email

Email has been a thorn in the side for business professionals and small business owners for decades. The endless pile of messages in our inboxes, and the constant battle of deciding what deserves our attention.

Yet, email remains a mainstay of mass marketing communications. Over the years, it’s cemented as a necessity for ever type of marketing.

SMS marketing campaigns have increasingly become a quick and cost-effective marketing platform. Their high open and response rates compared to email marketing has made them the ideal choice for large companies and political campaigns alike, who have leveraged SMS marketing to get their message across and garner an audience.

Mobile has created an ‘always on’ marketing landscape, leaving SMS marketing and email marketing tussling for our attention. Both channels enable businesses to send out timely information and exclusive offers at mass.

Reasons to consider SMS over email marketing:


60% of people around the world own a mobile phone compared with 40% who have access to the internet. Statistics show that the number of mobile phone users has increased 4% every year since 2013. Meaning the potential number of people reached through SMS is much greater than through email.

Pew Research Center found that 91% of Americans have a mobile phone that is text ready.

The availability of text messaging is part of its power. Most people with a mobile device are within arm’s reach of their phones 24 hours a day.

Open Rates

Research has found that 98% of SMS messages have a response rate of 45% while open rates for emails are at 28% – 33% with a much lower response rate of 6%. This means that almost 3 times the people are reading your messages than opening your emails.

Short (and sweet)

Quality over quantity. With an industry-standard of 160 characters, text messages are short and can be read in seconds. This makes the impression that a business wants, but it doesn’t carry the burden of the viewer having to wade through a wall of text messages.

Text messages fit perfectly into how people are consuming information.

High Volume Capacity

The brief nature of text messages allows for easier consumption. It’s easy to read, respond, or handle 20-30 messages per day. It’s light and more interactive than email, so it keeps the attention.
SMS marketing eliminates the burden of email.

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SMS is one of the most immediate channels available, with 98% of messages opened and read within the first three minutes of delivery. SMS is much more personal and receiving one from a brand feels similar to receiving one from a friend or family member.

SMS is about creating action. Text messages make an impression because of the format and the speed. A well—crafted SMS marketing message, sent at the right time, with an appropriate call-to-action creates customer engagement.

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