SMS Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Hi Everyone,

With Halloween coming up, we thought we’d come up with some SMS Marketing ideas for Halloween to help drive sales.

Before we start, a quick statistic:

The National Retail Federation in the US say the average American consumer will spend $80 this year on Halloween decorations, party treats and costumes for Halloween. This adds up to up to $8 billion Dollars in retail sales! This translates to about €50 in the EU and £40 per consumer in the UK. Definitely worth going after this spend. Here are a few SMS Marketing ideas for Halloween:

Costume Photo Competition

Run a costume competition where customers can email photo’s of their costumes to you. Make sure they add their name and mobile number to the email for follow on marketing. Offer a good prize for Halloween or even for a discount on XMas club purchases

Discounts on Second Purchases

If your business offers anything somebody might need for a Halloween party, offer some kind of discount on those items, especially if paired with a higher-ticket part of your stock. Be creative with these deals. It’s okay to stretch the point to get a customer.

All Hallow’s Eve festival

Halloween is not the only holiday at the end of October. Depending on your customer base, offer alternative deals like an All Hallows Eve deal.

Horror Movie’s Poll

Use your shortcode to drive a horror movie poll by text message and offer a prize for entries. You could even have an invite only viewing of the winning movie in your retail store.
You could split it up into themes (Best Slasher/ Most Hilarious / Crapiest Kill Scene ) for more participants, more winners and more content.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to set up polls, surveys or keywords on SendMode application, we’d be delighted to help you drive sales with these SMS Marketing ideas for Halloween.

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