SMS Marketing – How to build Loyal Customers

Sendmode’s experience in using SMS Marketing shows that the most successful campaigns are those that offer value to the person who will be signing up to receive the messages.So the question is how to build loyal customers that want your valuable offers.

To keep your customers loyal you must respect your audience.  Only send customers messages that are of interest to them.  Make an offer special enough to get a response from the customer to sign up for your messages.

Make sure that you send enough messages to keep your brand on the minds of those following you but be ever vigilant of the timing of your messages.

You want to connect with those following you on a personal level and this is easiest done when there is a smile on their face, so try and keep some fun in your message content.

Remember SMS Marketing works – it has already been proven that text message marketing is much more effective than other forms of marketing…almost 70% more!

 With people of all ages being “texting people”, smartphones are becoming the technological devices for making critical buying decisions via searches and mobile applications. With more businesses optimising their websites for mobile users as well, it is clear that SMS Marketing is guaranteed to work.  Contact Trevor or John at Sendmode on Tel 016854913 or email where they will assist you in building loyal customers!

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