SMS Marketing – 4 Best Practices for Guaranteed Success

Thanks to both the internet and the vast amount of customer data we now have available, direct marketing has evolved significantly.  Retailers and Service Providers now have access to customers 24/7 through mobile connectivity.

Build SMS Marketing into your advertising model today to secure an immediate and positive impact on your ROI (return of investment)!

Once implemented, the success of your SMS Marketing campaigns will be determined by your best practices!


Permission – Without permission, you are spamming potential customers. Hefty penalties will ensue plus you will damage your brand name. When a subscriber opts in by texting a unique keyword to a shortcode, permission is granted, you now add this customer to your database for future marketing.

Frequency/Timing – Schedule your campaigns intelligently i.e. at times when your customers are most likely to take advantage of your promotions. This is achievable with a little research.  The ultimate goal is to entice new customers whilst maintaining your existing customer base.  Be mindful, the most powerful fact about SMS marketing is the ability to communicate instantly, do not send too many texts within a short timeframe, furthermore, always be savvy as to time of dispatch.

Enticement & Value – Subscribers join your SMS marketing database because they expect to be provided with something of value i.e. coupons, promotions, discounts etc.  Informational texts have little or no worth.

Call to Action – Every text message should include a call to action. This prompts your customer to spend, spend, spend …. providing the optimal response to your marketing campaigns!

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