SMS Messaging for Schools

SMS Messaging is a great way to communicate important messages to parents and staff in your school. 

The majority of students around the globe are forgetful with regards to passing letters, notes, information, etc to their parents when they are given them in school!  These letters could be simple field trip permission slips, parent-teacher night reminders, fundraising activities, or the more serious progress reports.

However times are changing with SMS Messaging, which is now being used more and more to curtail the pitfalls of the absent-minded student.  SendMode, an award winning SMS Marketing Company, can help you get started in communicating this way.

In the US, it has been proven that using SMS Messaging helped in dealing with difficult students that did not want any communication with their parents.  Using this form of contact, parents were instantly aware if their child was absent, casing problems in class or failing exams!  Not only did this benefit the parent it ultimately benefited the student in order to help them get back on track.

SMS Marketing is affordable for any educational organisation, and with a near 100% open rate, messages are sure to be received and read.  It’s environmentally friendly and a much faster way of communicating, freeing up valuable admin time!

Contact Trevor or John at SendMode on Tel 020-3411-4464 or email to find out more and get started with SMS Messaging.

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