Text Alert Scheme

Sendmode supports Text Alert Schemes

Sendmode have been instrumental in the development of Text Alert Schemes in Ireland. Our pay as you go service offers a no contract, no setup cost service with credits never expiring. We have implemented this service for hundreds of groups around Ireland and are sending thousands of messages each week to communities around the country.

Buyer Beware

Some of our competitors are offering super low pricing for their text messages, however this means they are more than likely using cheap and unreliable international third party brokers to send your messages. We have even heard of some instances where cheap operators will mark messages as delivered when they were not.

Proven Track Record

As one of the largest suppliers of Bulk Text messages in Ireland, Sendmode has direct connection to all the mobile operators in Ireland and the UK and get full and instant delivery reports for all messages sent. We send over 10 million SMS messages per month through our gateway for all our customers across all industries.

No Contract, Pay as you Go service. Credits Never Expire

Furthermore, our service is pay as you go with no contract. You can purchase a number of credits and the Gardai will send out text alerts as and when required. You can also send informational messages yourself from your online account.

Hundreds of Text Alert Schemes using Sendmode

Finally, we have won multiple awards for our customer service and are available 24/7 for our customers. We are more than happy to provide testimonials from our many clients to attest to that claim 
If you are interested in using Sendmode for your Text Alert Scheme please call us on 01-685-4913 at any time.

Sendmode Text Alert Scheme

I hope you found this helpful and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.