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Sendmode SMS Marketing for UK Business

SendMode is a leading supplier of low cost bulk SMS marketing services for all types of business, schools and even charities.

Sendmode boasts many benefits of SMS Marketing for UK business who wish to use mobile marketing or bulk text to communicate interactively with their customers.

5 Great Reasons for UK businesses to use Sendmode SMS Marketing are:

1. UK businesses do NOT pay VAT on any purchases made with Sendmode.

2. Sendmode operates a lowest cost solution for businesses – Prices from 2.4p!!! See

3. Use your company name as a keyword on our Shortcode facility for just £100 per year, meaning you can run regular text competitions to generating new sales leads and customer  sign ups.

4. Save money by removing old, invalid mobile numbers from your database. SendMode can save you money by locating the expired numbers in your database using our HLR Lookup service – so you can delete those undeliverable numbers to save money every time you send a message out – in turn increasing the success rate of your campaign messages.

5. Send text campaigns on the move by using our broadcast service where you text our shortcode with your keyword and message to 88990. Alternatively, you can pre schedule your message in advance so it goes out even when you’re out of the office or away on holidays.

That was 5 great reasons to use Sendmode and we didn’t even mentioning our excellent customer service. If you want to see what our customers say about SendMode as a Web text and shortcode provider, click this link:

To Switch to Sendmode UK (and get 1000 credits plus 10% on top of your first purchase) – you have 3 methods to choose from:

1. Call us on 0203 411 4464

2. E-mail or

3.Register on our website:

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