Sendmodes API and SMS Gateway

SendMode SMS Gateway and API

Sendmode’s SMS Gateway and API allows developers to SMS enable any website or application. Sendmode understand the needs of developers so we created an easy-to-integrate and developer friendly API for our customers to use enabling SMS availability for any site or application.

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which enable access of web based software applications for developers building applications. API’s are the norms used by developers in the building of applications such as programming tools and protocols


An API runs in the background of the user interface connecting different programs for different usage requirements, such as tracking and billing along with the SMS facility Sendmode offer.

API’s enable the companies to release a software program in the form of a development kit. The Software development kit includes programming tools, the application interface and other required documents to make the programmer’s job easier. Sendmode use our API’s to provide our software to our resellers, who wish to provide their own Bulk SMS services.

How does Sendmode’s API work?

  1. You sign up for our service.
  2. Using your web based platform you can send a message via our gateway, which will then link with our messaging providers.
  3. Following your message you will receive a delivery message back to your platform.
    1. This will enable you to track the delivery success of the messages you sent, also enabling you to also determine the level of success of this marketing tool for your business.

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Hope this assists you in understand API’s.
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