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If there was a way to instantly alert your customers about the latest sale, offer or promotion in your business, then that would be excellent right? Well there is, SMS Alerts arrive at your customers phone in seconds, and we all know how much our phones mean to us these days. These customers have signed up to receive these sms alerts and therefore they are both welcomed and more than any other marketing technique out there are acted upon.

SMS Alerts are now being used by more and more companies that recognise the value of instant communication directly into a customer’s hand. Unlike other forms of marketing, an sms alert pings on your phone the instant it arrives and the customer is compelled to look at it and read it. Statistics have told us that 98% of SMS Messages are read within 5 minutes of receipt.

That’s what the statistic says and we all know that when we hear the ping, we go straight to the phone J.  Consider one of your customers receiving one of your messages.

Not only companies have recognised this but sports clubs, schools, universities and charities all are now seeing the value in SMS Alerts.

Another great thing about SMS is that every single mobile phone in the world can accept them.  The impact of this instant communication to your customer, parent or club member is helping many organisations save money and optimise their marketing spend to a solution that both works and saves money.

If you would like to know more about how SMS Alerts can help communications in your organisation, please feel free to let Sendmode’s award winning team show you how it can be used for your organisations communication needs. Contact us at any time on 01-685-4913 or email us on

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