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School Text Messaging Uses

Schools need a way to get their messages out in a secure, fast and reliable way. It is becoming more and more necessary to have an instant communication channel from your school to parents and staff. Sendmode’s Award Winning School Text application provides an easy to use, reliable, fast and secure way to get your important messages out in seconds.

Important messages such as; School Closures, Fundraising Events, School Plays, Parent-Teacher Meetings can all be sent in seconds using our School Text system.  These messages arrive at parent or staff handsets with your schools name at the top, so they are instantly recognisable. Also please remember, one of the best things about SMS is that every phone in the world can receive an SMS. Every parent has a mobile and every mobile can receive your messages.

We also provide a 2 way SMS facility whereby parents can respond to your text and these responses are then recorded on your Sendmode School Text account and can be forwarded to an email or mobile number. This is especially useful if, for example, you are confirming numbers for school field trips.

Currently used by hundreds of schools across Ireland, the system has been designed and developed specifically for use by Schools.  We have listened to our customers and have created an application tailored to schools’ needs such as; grouping into classes and staff, manage parent text replies and sending SMS to individual classes or groups.

We also have an iPhone and Android app which enables you to send your messages out from anywhere, no need to be at a desktop, you can do everything from your phone!

If you would like to know more about our School Text system, please feel free to call us on 01-685-4913 or email at any time for a demo of the system.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

school text