Bulk SMS Missed Opportunity

Retailers missing marketing opportunity with Bulk SMS

A new study by the mobile vendor OpenMarket entitled ‘Missed Opportunity’ has very interesting results and concludes that many marketers are leaving the very powerful of Bulk SMS Marketing channel untapped.

100 retailers were surveyed and the results are summarized as follows;

  • Only 29% of retailers use Bulk SMS
    • 69.0% say they us text message programs to differentiate themselves.
    • 34.5% use SMS for customer service.
    • 27.6% said they use it to send marketing and promotional messages.
    • 31.0% of retailers said they send messages for both promotional and customer service reasons.
  • 97% use Email with social media second most popular channel at 82%, phone calls 66%, mobile apps 32%, over the top messaging (two-way communication via apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.) 25% and push notifications 20%.
  • 62.0% of retailers said that they would try it if they thought it would drive revenue or improve customer experience. 15.9% of retailers said that they would be incorporating an SMS program soon.

With 98% of SMS text messages read and 90% of these message read within 3 minutes of receipt, the report concludes that retailers may be missing out on a powerful marketing channel by not using bulk sms marketing. Also with only 29% of retailers currently using SMS, there may be an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by using this channel.

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