Reasons small businesses fail with Bulk SMS Services

Reasons small businesses fail with Bulk SMS Marketing

More and more businesses are turning to bulk SMS services as a marketing tool and for good reason, with 98% of messages opened within the first three minutes of delivery, SMS boasts astonishing results.

SMS is a platform that has the power to help a business when done correctly, but to do it right it needs a little help. So, we come up with 5 common reasons an SMS campaign may fail.

Spamming your customers

Just because a customer opts-in to receive messages to their phone does not mean you have to send them a message every day.

Plan your messages to align with your marketing and business calendar. Allowing you to see how frequently you mobile database will hear from you. Be consistent.

If you don’t want to spam your customers, don’t!!

No Clear Call to Action

We know it can be difficult to get your message out there in a succinct, and eloquent paragraph in 160 characters or less. But, having a call to action is the single most important component of your entire message.

It will determine whether your marketing campaigns are successful. The entire point of your SMS campaign is to encourage your customers to take action, whether that be watching a new promotional video, or visiting your website to redeem an offer.

Lack of Creativity

Your SMS efforts should be strategic so that they help to reach your desired audience and desired goals.

Don’t use SMS to repeat what you have already communicated through other marketing channels. SMS works best when you make it exclusive.

Create a unique style of messaging and create unique offers that are only sent to your SMS database.


If a customer doesn’t know what you offer, how can they take advantage of it? Marketing and advertising are very important when starting a SMS campaign. Make customers an offer they can’t refuse in exchange for joining. Use all available avenues to market your SMS list; and make a captivating headline for all your marketing efforts.

Using SMS in Isolation

As I mentioned above, businesses will often use SMS as the sole means to an end, rather than as a marketing tool. Businesses should think of SMS as a vital piece of a puzzle, without the whole thing, the puzzle will fail to serve its function. Adding SMS marketing to an already developed marketing mix will prove a huge success for any business.

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Try Again

The potential of SMS marketing is huge – even for small businesses. If you want it to work for your business, avoid the above common mistakes. And if SMS has failed for your business in the past, maybe now is the time to try again.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we hope you find it helpful.