QR Code Tracking

From previous blogs you know that a QR code can be used to link your offline marketing campaigns with online campaigns. But how can I track the success of these marketing campaigns?

So you probably have a Google analytics account already to track the traffic to your primary website – you can use in QR code tracking also to track the success of your offline marketing / QR Code campaigns.

How do I track my QR Codes or offline campaigns?

  1. Firstly, you need to create a custom url for offline campaigns.

You can use Google Analytics URL Creator to create and generate your campaign url. This link will then record the traffic to that url.

  1. Secondly, shorten the long url

Shorten the url to cut down on the information embedded in the QR code. This also makes the QR Code look less cluttered and the shorter url scans better on mobile devices ensuring a consistent user experience no matter where it is placed e.g. in a shop window, on print advertising or signage etc… There are many url shortening services available online – but the Google URL Shortener is adequate for this task.

  1. Finally, put the shortened url into your favourite QR code generator

There are lots of QR readers available on the internet. Have a look to find one that you like which suits your needs.

As you can see QR code tracking is easy to track to determine the success of your offline marketing material such as print advertising.

The only thing you need now is a mobile website to link your campaigns to in order to achieve the maximum success from your offline marketing campaigns. As if the user is directed to a url for a desktop website which has large quantities of information, it is hard to read on a mobile phone as the screen is about 3 times smaller – even with pinch and zoom enlarging the content full desktop websites are really difficult and slow to navigate.

So don’t loss customers at this point get your mobile website today by calling 00353-74-911-6059 or e-mailing support@sendmode.com.

We have some training videos available on YouTube for you to look at, these will help you design or edit your mobile website. Remember we offer you the option of a free first draft also.

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