Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for Small Business

When Google came to prominence and used the slogan ‘Get found by the people looking for you’, it changed how many of us thought about advertising. Now there was a way for people to search for particular products and services and a way for businesses to advertise directly to these searchers. You pay for these advertisements only when someone clicks on them and this is where the name pay per click (PPC) comes from.

As an internet company, we use pay per click (ppc) all the time and have developed some insights into how best it can be used for small business. Below are a few tips on ppc from the trenches.

Budgets and Statistics

Set a small budget and get the first click throughs to your site. Then you can start analysing what is working on your landing pages and improve from there. We would recommend a small budget on ppc to get you started with the concept and analysing the information coming from your website. Google Analytics has tons of information for you to interpret.

Some marketing consultants will advocate an organic strategy with SEO and blogging, this is fine but it will take a long time for these strategies to bring you up the organic listings. If you want to start measuring, start with PPC.

Also, bear in mind that some consultants will say SEO and Blogging are free. However the time spent on these activities needs to be factored in. Huge amounts of time can be invested in SEO with no immediate results. This is an example of where free does not mean free.

Bring visitors to a relevant landing page

Make sure when someone is clicking through to your site, they are being sent to a landing page relevant to the ppc ad. There is no value in sending them to your homepage, if it is an ad for a particular product, send your ppc visitors to a webpage for that product.

Have a clear on-boarding strategy

As you are tweaking your landing pages, make sure all staff are clear on the next steps to get someone to convert into a customer. Everyone should be trained and on the same page.
Some questions:

  • If they sign up for a free trial, should you ring them immediately?
  • Should you connect via an automated email and then follow with a phone call?
  • Would online chat on your website help you connect with your customers while they are on the site?

The above list is by no means exhaustive and I hope it is of some help getting visitors to your site and then converting them into customers. The great thing about ppc is that with good landing pages and a small budget you can be up and running pretty much immediately.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.